Director Paolo Solentino who won the 2008 Cannes Film Festival Jury Prize for “Il Divo”. Judge Chief Sean Penn was enthusiastic about this work.
The two who made a good decision promise to make a new work together.
The fruit of this is “Where to return here”, which won the Ecumenical Jury Prize at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival and caused pros and cons.
Closely designed beautiful images and free storytelling that avoids descriptive descriptions as much as possible directly appeal to the viewer’s five senses.

Cheyenne is a rock superstar that once enjoyed tremendous popularity. However, for some reason, after a certain time, he began to live a life that never appeared on the stage, and lived with his wife in a large mansion in Dublin. Such Cheyenne came to New York with the news of “father critical” from his hometown America, but …

Starring Sean Penn, who won the Academy Award for Best Actor twice in “Mystic River” and “Milk”. Co-starring Francis McDormand (Fargo), Jad Hirsch (ordinary people), Harry Dean Stanton (Paris, Texas), the new star Eve Husson (U2 Bono’s daughter) )Such. There are plenty of highlights, such as a wonderful ensemble by a variety of acting casts and film music by David Burn & Will Oldham, which is encrusted in the whole story.

Former musician David Burn of former Talking Heads and Bonnie Prince Billy’s Will Oldham, who has many names and is active in various faces, are in charge of the music of this work. The original title “THIS MUST BE THE PLACE” is taken from Talking Heads masterpieces, and you can enjoy the amazing songs and performances by David Burn in the main story. Don’t miss the famous performance of Barn who plays in his role!
What is Cheyenne’s model? It is also a big attraction of this movie to enjoy while looking for the highlights and looking for details of music elements.