Last night, a typhoon was held at DOMMUNE, where the movie “Clearing the place to return” mets CLUB KING starring Sean Penn !

This event started from the live scene of “STOP MAKING SENSE” in 1984. In the first part of the talk event, in addition to Shigekazu Kuwabara, Takeshi Kongo, Mayumi Mitsuru, ackky, Souta Takagi and Shintaro Igarashi, DOMMUNE representative Naohiro Ukawa participated on the way.

From the story of a movie to the price of music and works, and even the story of a non-monetary economy! It was 2 hours of non-stop, which would not stop once we started talking.

Even so, everyone’s thoughts on this work are really different. “Every time I watch it, every time I hear people’s impressions, there is a new discovery, but anyway, it ’s a cool movie anyway.” “In fact, there are many scenes where you can laugh. It’s impressive that you don’t talk about conclusions in any aspect. ”“ You can’t make anything other than what you like and want to make. Even if it becomes a single piece of life, this movie is just such a movie. ”“ Italian The whole line of sight is not only the American culture, movies and music that the director has enjoyed, but also the land of America as a whole. ” Make etc. This means that movies are interpreted as many as the number of people watching them. I have to listen to you personally and see it again! It was the night that I thought.

10 days until release! Whether you listened to last night’s talk or not, please visit the theater! !