Cheyenne SEAN PENN Cheyenne / Sean Penn

Born in Santa Monica, California, USA in 1960. Started making short films from high school. The 81-year TV movie “Who killed Webster” was aired and attracted attention. In the same year, made his movie debut with Taps. After that, he emerged as a young star, and in 1991, he announced his first work “Indian Runner”, which also serves as a screenwriter and screenwriter, while working on topics such as marriage and divorce with Madonna. In 1995, he appeared in “Deadman Walking” and was nominated for the first Academy Award for Best Actor. In 1999, for the second time in the “Guitar Playing Love”, in 2001, for the third time in the Academy Award for “I am Sam”, in 2003, for the “Mystic River”, the best Academy Award Acquired the Best Actor Award, Golden Globe Award, National Board of Reviews, etc. That same year, he won the second Venice International Film Festival Actor Award at 21 Gram. After that, he won the 5th Academy Award nomination for “Milk” in 2008, the second best actor of the year, “Trouble in Hollywood” (08), “Fair Game” (10), “Tree” The appearance works such as “Of Life” (11) are continuing, and they are still performing as usual.
As a film director, the second film “Crossing Guard” was officially exhibited at the Venice International Film Festival, and the third film “Pledge” was officially exhibited at the Cannes International Film Festival.・ He established a firm position as an actor and director, including being nominated for the US Directors’ Union Award in The Wild.
Other major appearances are “We are not angels” (89), “Karito no Michi” (93), “U-turn” (97), “Shin Red Line” (98), “Night “Before you become” (00), “Man who attempted to assassinate Richard Nixon” (04), “All the Kingsmen” (06). Even in the US film industry, where many directors and actors are respected, it has a unique charisma.

Jane FRANCES MCDORMAND Jane / Francis McDormand

Born in Chicago, Illinois, USA in 1957. He received a bachelor’s degree in theater from Bethany College in 1979 and a master of arts from Yale University in 1982. After graduation, he was active on the local stage. Evaluated as Stella in the “Train named Desire”, he stands on the Broadway stage. In 1984, appeared in Cohen brothers “Blood Simple” and made his movie debut. After marrying his brother Joel, the Cohen brothers’ works include “Baby Thief” (87), Academy Award Best Actress Award “Fargo” (95), “Barber” (01), “Burn After Reading” ( Appeared in 08) and cameo appeared in “Mirrors Crossing” (90). The Academy Award is a candidate for three supporting awards in “Mississippi Burning”, “Penny Lane and then” (00), and “Stand Up” (05). Other masterpieces include “Where the Truth” (96), “Wonder Boys” (00), “Love Age” (03), “Eon Flux” (05), “Transformers / Dark Side Moon” (11) Such

Mordecai Midler JUDD HIRSCH Mordecai Midler / Jad Hirsch

Born in Bronx, New York, 1935. Studied engineering and medicine at New York City University. However, he became interested in theater, studied at the American Academy of Theater, and worked at the Colorado Stock Company. In 1966, made his Broadway debut with “barefoot in the park”. Since then, he has made numerous stages as a stage actor and won the Tony Award for Best Actor for the “I’m Not Rappaport” in 1986 and “Conversations With My Father” in 1992. He started appearing on TV in the mid 70’s and became the first Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actor in the series “Rhoda” in 1974. He starred in the series “The Criminal Del Vecchio” (76-77 / TV) in 1976, and won the Emmy Award for Best Actor 5 times in the popular series “Taxi” (78-83) since 1978. . The movie debuted in 1978 with Frank Pearson’s “King of Gypsy”. In 1980, he became a candidate for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for “Normal People”. Since then, he has appeared in “Apple White Paper” (83), “When Departing” (88), “Independence Day” (96), “Beautiful Mind” (01), etc.

Mary EVE HEWSON Mary / Eve Husson

Born 1991 in Dublin, Ireland. My father is U2 Bono and my mother is activist / entrepreneur Ali Husson. Currently living in New York and studying at New York University. In 2008, he semi-starred in the movie “The 27 Club” directed by Erica Danton, and made his movie debut at the age of 16. In addition, there is a short film “For the First Time” (10) co-starred by Luke Tredaway and appeared in the music video for the Irish rock band The Script. “Surely here is the place to return” will be the second feature film.

Rachel KERRY CONDON Rachel / Kelly Condon

Born in Tipperary, Ireland in 1983. At the age of 19, he appeared on stage “We Thomas” and was the youngest in the history of the Royal Shakespeare Theater and played “Hamlet” Ophelia. Debuted in 1999 with Alan Parker’s “Angela Ash”. Since then, “Rat Game” (00 / V), “Kelly the Gang” (03 / V), “Dublin, etc.”! (03), “Danny the Dog” (05), “Ending Station Tolstoy’s Last Journey” (09). He was nominated for the Best Supporting Actress for the Irish Film / TV Award at the 10-year “Runway” (film festival). In 2009, he won the Rotter Prize for Best Supporting Actress in 2009 at the Atlantic Theater in Off Broadway, “Yumenoshima Inishman”.

Robert Plath HARRY DEAN STANTON Robert Plus / Harry Dean Stanton
Born in West Irvine, Kentucky, USA in 1926. He served in the Second World War, returned to Japan, began theater at the University of Kentucky, and appeared in “Pygmalion” and other places. Moved to California and studied theater at Pasadena Playhouse. Debuted in 1957 with “Fortification of Laramie”. Since then, he has gradually increased the number of appearance scenes from western plays and action movies to supporting roles. In the 70’s, “Discontinuity” (71), “Billy the Kid / 21 years of life” (73), “Dellinger” (73), “Godfather PART II” (74), “Farewell, Lovely Woman” (75 ), “Missouri Break” (76), “Straight Time” (78), “Alien” (79), “Rose” (79), etc. Establish. In 1984, he played a leading role in “Paris, Texas”, and the presence of “Repoman” reached its peak. Since the 90s, “Wild at Heart” (90), “Twin Peaks / Laura Palmer’s Last 7 Days” (92), “Strate Story” (99), “Inland Empire” (06) A series of works by David Lynch, Seas Penn’s “Seeds So Lovely” (97), “My Friend Memory” (98), “Green Mile” (99), “Singing Voice” (00), “Pledge” (01), etc., continues to play an active role as a legendary actor like an icon, and boasts the same number of appearances at the age of 85. Robert Plus, who played in this work, is a former pilot and real person who invented a carry bag as in the movie.

Director & Screen Writer PAOLO SORRENTINO Director / Screenplay / Director & Screen Writer

Born in Naples, Campana, Italy in 1970. In 1994, co-directed with Stefano Russo to produce the short film “Un paradiso”. In 2001, he debuted as a commercial director at “L’uomo in pi 01”, won a new director award at the Silver Ribbon Award of the Italian Film Journalists Association, and was nominated for a new director award and a screenplay award at the David di Donatello Award. In 2004, he was officially exhibited at the Cannes International Film Festival Competition for his second film “The Journey to the End of Love” (screened at the festival), and received the work, director and screenplay award at the David Di Donatello Award. The film award was nominated for a director award and was recognized as a promising young director in Europe. He won the Cannes International Film Festival Jury Prize for his fourth film “Il Divo” (screened at 06 / Film Festival). It was praised by Sean Penn, who was the judge’s chief, and together he created the film “Where to Return”.

Himself & Music DAVID BYRNNE Music / Appearance / David Burne

Born 1952 in Dumbarton, Scotland. I moved to Canada with my family when I was 2 years old and later moved to Maryland, USA. In 1977, Talking Heads first album “Psycho Killer ’77” was released. In 1978, Brian Eno produced 2nd album “More Songs”, and “Take Me to the River” was a hit. In 1983, he released a self-produced album “Speaking in Tans”, which produced “Burning Down the House”, the top 10 hit. The tour of this album was made into a movie by director Jonathan Demi and became a big topic with “Stop Making Sense” (84). Released the 6th album “Little Creatures” in 1985, worked on film production, and after the 7th album “True Stories”, directed the director / screenwriter / starring / music and played 4 roles Complete and release Stories. In this work, he was nominated for the 1st Prize for the Independent Spirit Award. When the last album “Naked” was released in 1988, the band was disbanded, and just after recording “Sax and Violins” for 1991, directed by Wim Wenders Announced the dissolution. The second solo album “Rei Momo” was released in 1989, the third “UH-OH” was released in 1992, and the single “She’s Mad” was a hit. It became. Since then, he has released several albums.
As film music, he was in charge of “Last Emperor” (87) with Ryuichi Sakamoto and Gong Sue, and won the Academy Award, Golden Globe Award, and Grammy Award. In addition, he has worked on “Beloved Mafia” (88) and “Hunter Diary” (03). His appearances include “Checking Out” (89) and “Lulu on the Bridge” (98).

Music WILL OLDHAM Music / Will Oldham
Born 1970 in Louisville, Kentucky. Musician and actor. As an actor, debuted at the age of 15 in “What Comes Around” in 1986. In 1987, he performed semi-starring in “Mate One 1920”. Since then, she has appeared in “Junebug” (05), Rotterdam Film Festival Tiger Award winning film “Old Joy” (06), “Wendy & Lucy” (08 / TV broadcast), etc. Escape ”(89 / TV broadcast). As a musician, “There Is No-One What Will Take Care of You” (93) and “Days in the Wake” (94) in the name of Palace Brothers, “Viva Last Blues” (95) in the name of Palace Music And “Alice Therefore” (96), “Joya” (97) album released under the name of Will Oldham. From then on, in the name of Bonnie Prince Billy, “I See a Darkness” (99), “Ease Down the Road” (01), “Master and Everyone” (03), “Sings Greatest Palace Music” (04), ” “Superwolf” (05 / Matt Sweeney), “The Brave and the Bold” (06), “The Letting Go” (06 / Tortoise), “Lie Down in the Light” (08), “Beware” (09 ), ”

Director of Photography LUCA BIGAZI Photography / Luca Bigazzi
Born in Milan, Lombardy, Italy in 1958. Worked as an assistant director in the advertising industry since 1977. In 1983, made his directorial debut with “Paesaggio con figure” directed by Silvio Soldini. In the David de Donatello Award, he was nominated 14 times and won the 5th Director of Photography Award. In addition, he received the I Golden Globe Award twice, the I Silver Ribbon Award three times, Amelio’s “Così ridevano” (98) received the Venice Film Festival Photography Award, and “Il Divo” is a candidate for the European Film Award I was raised. The Sorentino work will be the fourth collaboration including “L’amico di famiglia” (06).